The Poetz

Founded by Kenzo Ferrari, Owner and Creative Director of Prospective Music, “ The Lunch Room Poetz” is a collection of Canada’s best MC’s who will put any Hip Hop group to the test. This “Super Group” touts a range of ability and versatility, designed to impress Hip Hop heads, back pack rappers and general fans of the genre, reminiscent of nostalgic “Super Groups” like the Wu-Tang Clan. An Eclectic Mix of production by Prospektiv Musics very own in house producer, allows room for each member to showcase their unique ability, which makes for quality Rap that all with stand the test of time. “The Lunch Room Poetz” are your Favourite Rappers, Favourite Rappers, The uncommon amongst the Uncommon and truly the most impressive Canadian rap group, or rap group PERIOD.

Young Stitch

Young Stitch (Toronto), has been making big waves as of late. From being crowned BET Freestyle Friday World Champion, to working with copious amounts of platinum selling artists, to performing in front of thousands upon thousands of onlookers at once, Stitch owns his versatility with intense flow, hard hitting bars, and super catchy melodies blending together in perfect harmony. No matter the sub-genre, stitch seamlessly conquers any style thrown in front of him with ease. The kind of "rapper" that even most of the best would be scared to test.

B1 the Architect

B1 The Architect (Oshawa) is a hip hop producer and MC that sets to push the genre to its limits beyond in the pursuit of making something experimental, cinematic and memorable. Production influences include everything from Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, EL-P, to DJ Shadow, DJ Premier and Madlib. As an MC, B1 seeks to balance the complex lyricism with storytelling and emotional heft.


KP (Oshawa) is most known for his recent battles in Toronto’s King of The Dot.  Outside of crafting clever, gut wrenching punchlines, KP is one of very few battle rappers that can create rhythmic multi syllable bars that translate well over any production style. 


Lotus (Toronto) is the groups most descriptive, introspective and story telling writer. Unique wordplay, thoughtful metaphors and raspy tone creates an authentic sound that demands playback value. Lotus is also known for a track record of crafting re-mixes that often parallel or surpass the original composition. He has also not shied from the battle arena, taking on countless challenges and prevailing as the mature developed lyricist his fans crave.

Philly Regs

Philly Regs (Toronto) fuses multi syllabic bars and metaphors paired with unique melodies inspired by his Classic Music Theatre Training. His ability to work on a varying collection of production, provides him with a unique versatility that lends well to the organic sound of his home town, Brampton.